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The How-to's of Holistic Health

Holistic meaning wholesome, is the dynamic result of the balance of all eight pillars of health. This is looking at someone and examining their body, mind and soul. It is then taking an external perspective and examining them in society; looking at how social standards, financial status and the environment influence their life and vice versa. I am going to break down each pillar so you understand the importance of each individual element and how it contributes to your overall, holistic health. You will also begin to notice the connections between all of them and understand that in order to become the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled version of yourself, you must devote time and energy to improving each pillar of health. Enrich Fit is designed to examine each pillar, help you discover and develop the areas you need to strengthen to reach your wellness goals. Starting from the inside out, and in my opinion the most important pillar.

1. Spiritual Health: This one is key to your happiness in life, after all, that's what we all want right?! Becoming spiritually healthy allows you to find your life’s purpose and fulfillment. It’s all about nourishing your heart and soul, connecting with the source to be recharged, renewed and restored.

The All Mighty God has designed you for greatness, His will for you is remarkable and once you begin to understand and unfold it, you will achieve great spiritual success, fulfillment and gratitude in life.

Spiritual health is tapping into that unconditional love you’ve been graced with, embracing it and applying it to yourself and to everyone else (yes, even those you don’t like). This pillar is about the condition of your heart, not physically but spiritually. The heart is the source of all of your thoughts, the way you perceive life, the way in which you conduct yourself, the ideas that inspire you, the level of kindness, selflessness and consideration you have for others. Being spiritually healthy is the key to living life with grace, integrity and great joy in this life and the next!

2. Nutritional Health: Next on the menu...nutrition! (My attempt at a pun!) I’m not going to rank each type of health but I’d have to say this is probably the next most important pillar of holistic health.

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, essentially it’s true. If you want to live a long and prosperous life, eating right must be a priority. You’ve also probably heard this one, “it’s 80% nutrition, 20% working out!” I think you get it, your nutrition will fuel your body to perform, to achieve your goals and to live a long and fulfilled life. There are so many notions on how to eat healthy, and even more diets and fads. It’s pretty simple, eat good food and don’t overeat, easier said than done right?! Well, Enrich Fit can educate you on a Nutritarian lifestyle, along with great tips and tricks to help you stay on track.

3. Mental health: Emphasizes the importance of a healthy mind.

Your mind is the foundation of your very essence. It is who you are and it is quite simply the key to success in life. Mental health examines the well-being of your cognitive, behavioral and emotional state. Everything in your life stems from your mind. Thoughts are formed and actions are taken, your perspective of a situation determines your reaction. Your mind is so powerful yet fragile, so it's very important you protect your peace and train your mind to reach its full potential.

4. Emotional health: Takes a closer look at your mental state, emotions play a huge role in the function of your mind.

As much as we want to believe we’re logical beings,to be quite frank, the majority of us lack judgment due to our emotions. “Blinded by love, and it was in the heat of the moment” are great examples of how we naturally are emotional creatures. But it’s extremely important that we are in control of our emotions and do not let them control us. Emotions can easily hinder our development, understanding and abilities to seize the right opportunities. Enrich fit will teach you how to keep your emotions in check, use them as inspiration and simply enjoy them to the fullest. Good emotional health is coping through tragedy and bouncing back from adversity.

5. Physical health:

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is key to longevity and fulfillment. Physical health is closely related to your quality of life; therefore, it is vital to your well-being. Physical health reaches far beyond fitness, it’s about taking care of your body--your temple.. In addition to daily physical activity getting the right amount of sleep, hydrating and fueling your body with the proper nutrients are essential to preventing illness, disease and reaching your physical goals.

6. Social health:

Is all about relationships. Forming them, building them, exploring them, and cherishing them. It’s encompasses the way you create meaningful connections, adapt in social settings, and interact with others in a variety of environments. It’s the ability to fit in where you want, experience a sense of belonging and equally important not to depend on that very thing for satisfaction.

7. Environmental health:

Is the connection between you and the environment. The effects you have on it and the effects it has on you. Thinking about your carbon footprint, being aware of your actions and how it can affect our ecosystem is what this pillar is all about. This is our home and we all need to take care of it, there are many things we can do to keep our planet healthy and in turn ourselves.

8. Financial health:

It’s all about the Benjamins baby! (Who knows that movie?!) On a serious note, financial literacy is understanding how money works, how it should be spent, where to put it and most importantly how to save it. Quite simply, it's about being a good steward and being responsible with your hard earned dollars. Financial literacy should be taught in schools but unfortunately, it’s taught by our parents and for some, they have been “fortunate” enough to have good mentors and for others...well now you’ve got Enrich Fit!

I hope you found this helpful and are ready to identify which pillar you want to tackle first! Do not hesitate to message me, I am here to help! :)


Coach Mariah Faith <3

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